Distinctive Enterprises & Painting LLC is your best option in Portland. When it comes to hiring interior/ exterior Painting professional. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make any room in your house look fresh and clean. Distinctive Enterprises & Painting LLC before starting the project on your home. We will explain the entire process from start to finish and we will listen to exactly what the client needs are.


Brilliant or subtle color welcomes from the curb to the entryway in all lovely neighborhoods. A painting company can create that welcome, and Distinctive Enterprises and Painting, LLC has mastered fine, exterior painting.

Not only do we create the beauty and quality, but, by covering all unpainted surfaces, we also take great care not to disturb delicate plants and exterior surroundings. We also make sure that the paint system applied to your home is the absolute best to hold up to the weather conditions of the Pacific Northwest..


A beautiful Northwest house loses some of its spark when the roof or other parts of the house turn black from mildew. Cleaning the affected surfaces easily solves the appearance problem. Distinctive Enterprises Painting, LLC supplies a full range of pressure cleaning services.

We pressure clean all exterior surfaces from roofs to decks and everything in between. And of course, we always use the proper chemicals to kill the ever-present Northwest mildew.


Distinctive Enterprises and Painting, LLC can change the mood of the interior of your home. We can turn mundane into lively or create the outdoors inside your home with the colors, lure, and ambiance of the Pacific Northwest. While accomplishing the finished product, our painters are well-trained to take complete care of your property.

This includes wrapping all furniture in plastic and covering all unpainted surfaces thoroughly. We strive to make our customers as comfortable as possible while working in their homes.


Beautiful wood, painted or stained, captures attention and adds to the tasteful appearance of a home’s interior. Distinctive Enterprises and Painting, LLC is proud of its wood finishing.

Whether painting or staining, we are always staying educated on the most up-to-date products and systems (many developed by our own craftsmen) which, along with very thorough preparation wok, insures “furniture-like” finish on all wood surfaces.


We bring your kitchen to the life. We changed the style dramatically with changing the outside of cabinets; not the inside. We carry out the process very clean and make your kitchen dream come true.


We have to prep work. It’s important step because you will have you entire ceiling on your floor.
It’s a dirty job. First all the furniture must be removed or covered; but we do have an efficient job to the removing the popcorn; we make your house clean, safe and bring a new image to the ceilings and give you style for many years to come.

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